It Is High Time That Legit Software Like This One Gets Its Due Credit!

It Is High Time That Legit Software Like This One Gets Its Due Credit!


I have often said that this one has no clones:

While I was still a student in economics at the university, I decided to do a small research on trading and trading software. Boys and girls in the college hostel and outside were big time into trading online. On any given day some of the other friends would throw a small do to celebrate unprecedented profits.  Those were the days, sigh!!

I wanted to collect statistics but that was not the only thing to it:

I wanted to decide for myself if trading was a viable proposition even while I was studying. Of course, I knew everything there was to online trading in various derivatives but I did not know which trading software to log on to and open a trading account. I must have a solid base to believe that the trading platform I choose performs. I just could not let the money that my parents worked hard for slip into some rogue’s pockets. No that was never on my mind!

I had begun my analysis quite early with notes:

So, I drew up a bar chart that gave me a graphical representation of the number of student traders across the name of the trading software that they mostly preferred to trade on.

I also drew a parallel graph making entries of winnings per number of trials. This gave me an idea of the frequency of winning on the platform. I was also considering factors such as complete knowledge of trading; whether the subject preferred manual trading or shifted trading to automatic mode; the time of trading and the duration of trading sessions.

The research was on a small scale but I bet it was enlightening!

The exercise gave me a world of information about which trading software to hook onto. Mo marks for guessing that Ethereum Code aced the survey for trading in cryptocurrencies, a hot favorite with almost ninety percent of the subject questioned acceding that they traded in cryptocurrencies because of the immense scope that there was.

You can read more about Ethereum Code on its website. Log on now and sign up to join hundreds and thousands of others who are making themselves proud!