Markets that rule the financial market   


The market is the place wherein the two different parties get involved to transact services or goods by exchanging money. There are 2 parties involved in the market: buyers and sellers. The seller and buyer come in a common platform to conduct trading.

The financial market is the place where the individuals are engaged in different kinds of financial transactions. It is the platform where the sellers and buyers get involved in purchase and sale of financial products such as currencies, cryptocurrencies, bonds, shares, etc.

The most popular market wherein the most turn out happens is the capital market.

Capital market

The capital market is the platform where the individuals invest for long period of time, that is, more than one year. It is the market where the financial organizations raise money from the people to invest for long period.

It is further divided into 2 groups: primary market and secondary market

Primary market- It is the market wherein the various companies issue new shares, bonds, and stocks to investors. It is the first time they are issued by the organizations.

Secondary market- It is the market where the securities and stocks have been issued earlier are traded.

Different types of capital market

Foreign exchange market It is a market that is operated globally which deals in purchase and sale of different foreign currencies.

Cryptocurrency market- It is the market where different virtual currencies are traded. This is a new market which came into existence recently.  Bitcoin is the most popular currency traded in the exchange and bitcoin loophole is the most sought-after software to help you in the currency trading. You can visit the site to read the full report.

Stock market- It is the market which deals with trading of stocks and shares at a particular price.

Bond market- It is the part of the capital market where sellers and buyers are engaged in trading of different bonds.

Commodity market- It is the market which deals in purchase and sale of raw goods like wheat, rice, oil, etc.  The price is mutually agreed between the seller and buyer.

Derivatives market- Trading of contracts that are derived from other underlying asset is dealt in this derivatives market.

Insurance market- The insurance products are dealt with in this market.  The insurance service provider pays up a fixed amount of money to the family members of the owner of the policy.